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Experience. Leadership. Community.


Five years ago, I committed to working with you, and building community here in Greenslopes. 

For me, this has meant: 

  • Backing our local schools, ensuring quality education for all 

  • Delivering more local jobs 

  • Public and active transport investment 

  • A cleaner, cheaper energy future 

  • Backing small business and 

  • Supporting our community and sporting groups


As your local member I have worked across our community to support projects, initiatives and partnerships that have delivered these outcomes. 

I’ve backed our local schools, through infrastructure, resources and road safety initiatives. I’ve advocated for more local jobs including ensuring we get access to programs like Skilling Queenslanders for Work in our community. 

I’ve seen the opening of infrastructure such as the Veloway and I’ll continue to ensure we have the best public and active transport options in Greenslopes. I’ve been part of a Government which is investing in a renewable future which is delivering right now and I will always work to support our small businesses to thrive, and our community groups to do what they do best. 

Our community in Greenslopes is strong. I am so proud of what we have achieved. 

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