• Joe Kelly MP

Tree Clearing Laws a Win for the Environment

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has passed the Vegetation Management and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (2018).

These balanced laws will still allow for the development of agricultural land while protecting our environment. This is real action to respond to climate change and to better protect the Great Barrier Reef.

When I speak to people in this community, there is a recognition that farmers, graziers and others in the agricultural industry, care deeply for the land. While there has been some portrayal of these laws as being anti-farmer, the reality is these laws strike a balance between allowing agricultural expansion and protecting the environment, particularly the Great Barrier Reef.

The debate on these laws lasted for three days and I was proud to be part of the only party that supported the laws that would give the strongest possible protection to the environment. Every other party and independent in parliament sought to water down or vote down these laws. Similar laws were introduced nearly 20 years ago by a Labor Government and repealed by the Newman Government.

These laws complement a number of other initiatives that the Palaszczuk Government has taken to respond to environmental issues including:

  • Restoring the rights of all citizens and groups to have a say in mineral exploration and mining applications

  • Banning of Single Use Plastic Bags

  • Establishing a Container Deposit Refund Scheme

  • Investing $100 million dollars measures to protect the Great Barrier Reef



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