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Small Business Week 2018

I am taking time this week to visit Small Businesses in my community.

I do a lot to support local small businesses, because they are an essential part of our local community by providing valuable services and employment.

I make sure people in local business know about funding opportunities, and I have assisted with marketing and strategic planning advice. I have provided training opportunities and am an active member of the Southside Chamber of Commerce.

Local small businesses have asked for all sorts of help with requests being small - like assistance to find a social media marketing person, or large - like the request to get Stones Corner separated as a suburb in its own right.

Whatever the request, I am always willing to help people who own and manage small businesses.

No doubt there are many factors involved in being successful in small business, but during my interactions with local small business owners, I have observed there are three key elements that are common to the success of these businesses:

1. Great customer service

2. A strong Strategic Plan

3. Clever use of Social Media

As I visit business I will be sure to make local businesses aware of the the Palaszczuk Government’s Small Business Entrepreneur Grants and the Digital Innovation Grants. These grants can be used for things like strategic planning or developing a social media strategy. I’m really pleased that so many local businesses have already received these grants.

Small Business Entrepreneur Grant Recipients:

Losscare Auto Pty Ltd

Dreambuilt Homes

Propulsion Property Pty Ltd

Bluebird Natural Beauty

Digital Innovation Grant Recipients:

The Retail Collaborator


Snotty Noses Australia

Bridget Wood Photography

First Choice Finance Group ATF Andrews Family Trust

Peter Zentveld

Cahlia Pty Ltd

Johnsons Building & Development Services PL

Greenslopes Day Surgery

Ingersoll Consulting



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