• Joe Kelly MP

Shadow Minister plays politics with school road safety

Member for Greenslopes Joe Kelly MP has taken Shadow Transport Minister Steve Minnikin to task for questioning road safety initiatives near Whites Hill State College.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) set up a mobile speed camera on the border of the school grounds on Samuel Street after it was identified together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads as a site where drivers were speeding and potentially putting young students at risk.

Mr Minnikin questioned the use of the camera.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said low-level speeding on suburban roads was something many drivers refused to accept as a dangerous behaviour and that all revenue from speeding cameras were reinvested into road safety measures.

“Queensland Government research shows 94 per cent of people admit to speeding and nearly 50 per cent admit to exceeding the designated speed limit by up to 10km/h most of the time,” Mr Bailey said.

“People need to understand the danger of what they are doing, for the sake of themselves, their loved ones and the people they are endangering.

“All money raised through fines from speed and red-light camera offences goes towards making Queensland roads safer.”

The camera operated only in school zone hours for two weeks in late February and early March, catching on average 20 motorists an hour speeding in the school zone.

Mr. Kelly said he was disappointed that Mr. Minnikin would play politics with the QPS’ efforts to keep schoolchildren safe.

“The Shadow Minister is completely putting political point scoring ahead of road safety for kids by trying to undermine the QPS’ efforts to keep them safe,” Mr. Kelly said.

“One would think that road safety around schools would be uncontested.

“So it’s really disappointing that as the Shadow Minister for Transport, who is responsible for offering alternative options for keeping our kids safe around schools, he would rather criticise efforts to do so without offering any alternatives.

“He has shown himself to be unsuited to be a Shadow Minister and in my opinion should stand down.”

Local candidate for Coorparoo Ward Matthew Campbell highlighted the muted response by local Councillor Ian McKenzie.

“Road safety should be a priority for all of our community, particularly around schools and I am committed to ensuring improved road safety across our community,” he said.

“It’s disappointing that our current local councillor, Ian McKenzie, has not stood up for road safety and is silent in response to the criticisms by Steve Minnikin and the state LNP.”



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