• Joe Kelly MP

2019 Budget: Jobs for Queensland

I am committed to creating jobs.

Why? Because work brings dignity.

Work brings prosperity.

Work gives the capacity to control your destiny.

Work creates new skills and builds self-esteem.

Work brings new friends.

Work provides valuable goods and services to our community.

Work builds community – in Greenslopes, and all over Queensland.

I am proud to be part of the Palaszczuk Government that has created over 207 000 jobs since being elected in 2015.

We are delivering more jobs through:

· diversifying the state economy

· backing small business

· building infrastructure

· investing in skills and training · focusing on creating jobs across our entire state

Diversifying the state economy

Economic diversification into areas like advanced manufacturing and film industries are creating new job opportunities.

Speak to any decent financial adviser, and they will encourage a strategy of diverse investment. Why? Because it maximises the chances of obtaining long range financial goals while minimising risks. Similarly, a diverse economy gives the State the capacity to change and respond to changing economic circumstance.

Advanced Manufacturing businesses like Rhinemetall and Tritium are bringing job opportunities to our State.

The Premier should be rightly proud of the work she has done to create the Film and Television industry in this state. Just this week, I was speaking to a Professor of Film and Television who told me how many of his students were walking straight into good jobs in the industry.

Backing small business

Small Businesses create jobs. Grants and tax cuts are helping small businesses to grow and employ even more people.

During Qld Small Business Week I visited fitness and health related businesses. Darren and Justin from Supplement City have been going strong for 14 years.

During Small Business Week I visited health and fitness businesses to talk about the Small Business Grants that are available to help business to innovate, to improve their performance and to grow. A recent productivity commission report said that not enough businesses are focused on innovation, nor are they focused on monitoring performance.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s Small Business Grants target just these things – innovation and building the capacity of business owners to manage and grow their business.

CCIQ are certainly out there spreading the good news of the payroll tax cuts and I know they will be welcomed by small and medium businesses in the electorate of Greenslopes.

More local businesses who benefited from small business grants, thanks to the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

Building infrastructure

New infrastructure like the Cross River Rail and new classrooms at Holland Park State School and Nursery Road State Special School creates jobs during construction, but these also deliver economic and social benefits after construction.

Angus Jones and Sasha Williams, Val Foster, P&C President Andrew Newbold and Principal Anthony Gribbin.

Investing in long term sensible economic infrastructure is good for our community. Cross River Rail, the Veloway and the Eastern Transitway are all creating jobs but are getting people to work faster, and safer, bringing significant economic and social benefits.

Cross River Rail is bringing significant economic and social benefits

I am really excited about the continued investment in infrastructure in our local schools. I committed to backing our local schools. This year, Holland Park State School and Nursery Road State Special School are receiving funding for new classrooms. This builds on recent infrastructure investments at Greenslopes State School. Coorparoo Secondary College, Coorparoo State School, Whites Hill State College Mt Gravatt State High School, Cavendish Road State High School and Marshall Road State School.

Investing in skills and training

Not only do we create the jobs – we are also focused on creating the workforce capable of filling these jobs. We are focussing on developing skills for all people and the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program focuses on people who need extra assistance to enter the workforce.

The Skilling Queenslander’s for Work Program continues to assist people who have been unemployed for long periods of time to gain the skills and confidence they need. I see the good work of this program at Vision Australia where people with low or no vision are part of the program that lead to jobs.

2018 Graduates of the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Program at Vision Australia, based in Coorparoo.

Creating jobs across Queensland

The Palaszczuk Government is committed to creating jobs right across our entire state.

When I am doorknocking or speaking to people at bus stops on their way to work, I constantly meet people who have jobs that exist because they are supporting projects in the resources, agriculture, tourism and logistic sectors. They are accountants, lawyers, HR, marketing and IT professionals.

So when I hear of our Government creating jobs anywhere in this state, I know it will have benefits to Greenslopes.

When you create jobs in the resource, tourism or agriculture sectors, people in Greenslopes also get jobs.

This is a job creating budget.

This is a budget for ALL Queenslanders.



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