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The Palaszczuk Government has re-introduced legislation to ban single-use plastic items in Queensland, starting with straws, stirrers, cutlery and plates. 

This legislation will add to our track record when it comes to protecting our environment and the jobs that depend on it.


We want to hear from you about expanding the ban to include polystyrene containers too. 

What do you think? Click the button below to let me know what you would like to see included in this bill. 

  1. Developed Climate Transition and Adaptation Strategies

  2. Set strong emissions reduction targets:

    • 50% renewable energy by 2030;

    • Zero net emissions by 2050 (with an interim target of 30% reduction by 2030)

  3. Delivering the $500 million Land Restoration Fund

  4. Introduced CleanCo - the 

  5. Delivered Australia’s first electric vehicle superhighway, stretching from Coolangatta to Cairns

  6. More than 560,000 Queensland roofs now have solar

  7. Introduced sensible laws to prevent broad scale tree clearing

  8. Banned single use lightweight plastic bags

  9. Invested $340 million over 5 years to protect the Great Barrier Reef including $10 million Reef Assist Program

  10. Implemented Reef Protection Regulations

  11. Establishing the Land Restoration Fund and passed mine rehabilitation laws 

  12. Advancing Clean Energy Schools program – energy saving measures as well as solar panels in every Government school

  13. Funded Councils for climate change adaption plans

  14. Introduced the strongest koala protections in Queensland history

  15. Doubled the Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers

  16. $6 million for wildlife hospitals

  17. Introduced biodiscovery legislation to protect First Nations peoples traditional knowledge

  18. First and only government in Australia to create especial wildlife reserves

  19. Container for change scheme with over 2 billion returned so far

  20. Protected areas strategy

  21. Introduced legislation to ban single-use plastics in Queensland

The Palaszczuk Governments Environmental Achievements ​